Alafia River SP

  • Date - 03.16.2013
  • Odometer – 34288
  • Odometer finally – 34721

Can a strip mine do any good? Most folks probably say: “No, especially from environmental point of view”. And they will be right. But… previously, there was a  phosphorus strip mine, and now  it is a home of Alafia River State Park. The mine was eventually abandoned, and because it happend before the remediation laws took effect, people just left it as is. Over time, the Nature has returned to its possession, and now Alafia River SP is famous for its mountain bike trails.

When we came there for the first time, we were not impressed. We arrived late at night on Friday, and on the next day we were going to attend an agility dog trail that was not far from there. When we saw the open campsite without any trees or shade, we were a bit upset. And even decided to try to find another place to stay for the next day. However, after the trail, we were a bit tired and just returned to our campsite. And I am glad that we did so! If we had moved, we probably never came back to Alaifa River again and lost the opportunity to explore this wonderful place! By the way, this is our very first campsite in Alafia :

Alafia River SP, site# 18

This is our very first visit to Alafia River SP. We tavelled by  the rented rig

There was a NADAC agility trial in Valrico, FL last weekend and we decided to stay in Alafia River. We did it (I mean decided to camp there) several months before, because if you want to make a reservation in any Florida state park during the winter season, you better to make it in advance. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to ride our bikes, and we were able just to walk around the campground.

Alafia River SP campground map

Alafia River SP campground map

The small loop is mostly for horse ridders. The big one is for RVs and tents. Of course, that is not carved in stone rule, just a general idea. Our favorite site is site #27. It is very close to the lake. It is almost “lake view site”

Alafia River SP site#27

Site # 27 – is my favorite

That is the lake that I am talking about.  On the campgrounds map it supposed to be where the text is placed.

Alafia River SP, lake view

A lake in Alafia River campground

Nice sunrise, isn’t it?

Sunrise in Alafia River SP

Sunrise in Alafia River SP

This pictures may give you an idea, what Alafia River campground looks like:

Alafia River SP campground Alafia River SP campground Alafia River SP campground Alafia River SP campground

Horses feel themselves like at home there

Alafia River SP campground

There are nice horse trails there, just like this:

Horse tria

Horse trial

Horse trail

Horse trail

We don’t have a horse, so we just walked there and enjoyed nice Floridans view:

Alafia River SP AlafiaRiver

Of course this is not our last visit to the Alafia River. We will come here again and again. We have not had a chance to ride bikes on the famous bike trails or to boat in the Alafia river. And I want to make more nice pictures of sunrise on the lake in all its glory …

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