We got new tires!


Today we have got the new tires! We found a local mobile tire service and they offered TOYO tires M154 (245/75 R22.5). It was the offer that I could not reject. They asked 2300$ for six tires with the installation.  They came to us on Saturday. The other local shops asked at least 1000$ more for Michelin, and we had to drive to them and leave our motorhome for at least one day.  As they told us, they would need at least one day to do the job…

Obviously, we decided to pay less and make our life easy by accepting the offer from the mobile service. That’s what we did.

Today at 10 am the guys from the mobile tire service were on our parking lot.

ready to begin

The new tires were unloaded from the truck and were waiting for their new home :-)

new tires

Twenty minutes later – the old rear wheels were removed from Discovery :

old tires

Two pneumatic jacks easily were holding the heavy motorhome above the ground.


In twenty minutes all four rear tires were dismounted.


At about 11:20 am the new rear wheels were installed back and inflated.


In next 30 minutes the front wheels were ready. At noon we shook hands and parted. All the work took less than two hours and was performed by one person!

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